Vessel Services

Offering a wide range of general boat services


Mullies provide a wide range of general boat services whether it be on water or at our Rosebud facility. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced boat builders that can build, repair and fit out fibreglass, timber and aluminium vessels. Mullies offer vessel cleaning, detailing both interior and exterior, anti-fouling and trimming.

We not only carry out all works at our facility but can do so at any offsite location, whether it be in a marina berth or dry dock facility.

Boat being restored by Mullies

The Complete Boating Package

The Complete Boating Package includes, but is not limited to, the following services:


Vessel launch preparation

  • Pre-launch vessel & safety check
  • Antifoul
  • Cut, polish and wax
  • Boat cleaning and detailing


Vessel retrieval

  • Post season vessel check
  • Hull scrub and acid wash


Off-season repairs and servicing

  • Any required vessel repairs identified over the boating season
  • Contracted mechanical service
  • Electrical repairs, maintenance and fit out
  • Trimming and upholstery repairs and replacement

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